Sixth Grade - Twelth Grade

Curriculum specifics are developed continually and are ready for implementation at least six months prior to each grade level being offered to students.

For all grade levels, Physical Education is cared for by a Martial Arts expert being with all students at least twice each week. A byproduct of this physical education component is reinforcement of our Character Education component.

Within all areas, students produce products that reflect the application of their learning to real life (real world) settings. Family involvement is a major component of learning. Scoring tools are utilized to guide and assess student progress.

Acceleration enrichment and remediation is provided through instruction in regular classes. Modifications are made to accommodate specific student needs.

Daily instruction incorporates both "hands on" and "minds on" strategies including the following:

. Cooperative learning strategies

. Reciprocal teaching

. Manipulatives

. Metacognition

. Experiments

. Dramatization

. Use of Arts

Critical thinking, problem solving, and real world connections are integrated into all curricular areas. Teachers use higher order questioning skills to maximize student learning. In addition to academics, each student participates at least weekly in art, music, physical education, library, and technology classes.

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