Your library is one of 2,000 selected to receive the We the People "Becoming American" Bookshelf. The books and other materials will be on their way to you on or about March 31, 2006.  You will also receive under separate cover a formal letter from Bruce Cole, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a certificate recognizing your library's participation in the We the People "Becoming American" Bookshelf project.

NEH is grateful to the United States Congress for its strong support of this program.  We are alerting your Senators and member of United States House of Representatives that you have received this award.  In the past, some Members of Congress have held public events to publicize the award of books. As you plan to announce your award publicly, we would encourage you to contact your district's congressional office to see if your Member of Congress would like to be involved.

Important:  Please confirm your shipping information ! In order to ensure that your books are received in a timely fashion, we ask applicants to visit the URL below to confirm your shipping information IF:

1)          You provided a PO Box as the shipping address in your application.  UPS does not ship to PO Boxes. If you do not provide a street address, you will not receive your We the People books. If you provided a APO/FPO address, please contact for special assistance OR

2)         You are uncertain as to whether or not a PO Box was provided.  NEH and ALA can NOT confirm your application information. If you are uncertain, please reenter your library's shipping information OR

3)         The name of the contact person to whom books should be sent has changed. 

To confirm your shipping address per the instructions above, visit:

The deadline to confirm your shipping information is Sunday March 26, 2006. With questions, please contact , Sofiana Peterson (312-280-5045) or John Amundsen (312-280-5053).

Thank you for your interest in the “Becoming American” Bookshelf.  We look forward to hearing more about how you used this opportunity to promote discussion in your library, school or community about the meaning of being an American and the variety of experiences through which so many have become Americans.  


Thomas Lindsay

Thomas Lindsay
Director, NEH We the People Initiative
National Endowment for the Humanities


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