The Need

NACA is open to all Baltimore city's K-12 children.  

In our first year (2005-2006), we served a total of one hundred twenty-six (126) K-2 students and today we serve 332 students grades K-6.

NACA boasts a 7:1 student to adult ratio; as each class consists of twenty-one (21) students, one master teacher, one paraprofessional/teacher’s assistant, and one volunteer parent.  We have two classes for each grade level

At the start of each year following the first year, one grade level will be added until NACA culminates at the 12th grade level.

Our current context involves some families leaving the city seeking better public schools for their children, while others remain in the city and strain financially as they utilize independent/private schools. NACA is committed to being part of the transformation and cessation of that pattern. NACA is committed to being a reason families decide to stay in -- and return to -- the city and the city's public education system. NACA demonstrates the said commitment by serving the full spectrum of students and families -- from those possessing the lowest through the highest incomes. We know that at every economic level, there are students (and parents) able, primed, and eager to achieve at high levels; and NACA is attracting and working with those people.

In partnership with each family, their children, and the community, NACA offers a sophisticated-practical-user-friendly, proficient, twenty-first century, public school. Specifically, NACA is committed to meeting proficiently the specific needs articulated by area families, and local retired and current public school teachers and administrators.

Utilizing input acquired from ongoing small and large meetings with parents, educators, and others from February 2003 through summer 2004; along with input acquired from phoning, hand delivering, and mailing communications to 222 neighborhood/community leaders and other residents during spring and summer 2004; the priority needs were identified:

high academic standards, linked to rigorous-and-practical academics, linked to masterful-loving-creative teachers; personal attention; character education; state-of-the-art computers, digital, and related high-tech applications as essential parts of each classroom; affirmation of each students' cultural background(s); intentional teaching and modeling of creative, nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution; engaging, stimulating extracurricular opportunities available year-round; and finally, intentional teaching and modeling of peaceful, humane values.

By meeting and planning together regularly and frequently with parents-teachers-administrators-students-community stakeholders-and-business representatives, NACA is meeting the needs noted above.  Thereby, NACA enhances and expands the educational options currently available to all children in the city of Baltimore.  Careful examination of the preceding indicates NACA is aligned satisfactorily, implicitly and explicitly, with the mission and goals of the Baltimore City Public School System (BPCSS) Master Plan.

We realize some may think meeting the noted needs is a dream.  We at NACA, however, see things differently.  At NACA, we know that a good dream is a constructive reality waiting to be brought into existence by a team of equipped, caring, committed folk.  And the people for NACA are such a team.


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