Academic Standards

NACA's curriculum meets and exceeds the standards in the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum and aligns with NACA's educational approach. The standards are measurable, and ambitious, and attainable.

In developing standards that exceed Maryland Standards, NACA makes use of the New Standards for Language Arts/English, and our Arithmetic/Math and Science programs. The New Standards is a system of performance standards and assessments for students at the elementary level (and middle and high school levels). The performance standards are internationally benchmarked and indicate the level of performance that students should demonstrate in English and language arts, mathematics, science, and applied learning. The assessments measure student performance against the standards through the use of reference examinations that include traditional test items and performance tasks. New Standards is a joint effort of the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh and the National Center on Education and the Economy (in Washington, D.C.); it is guided by a governing board composed -- in part -- of representatives of states and school districts that collectively educate nearly half the students in the United States. Thousands of classroom teachers have participated in the development of assessment tasks, scoring rubrics, and portfolios.

NACA's staff is assisted by appropriate Morgan State University (MSU) academic experts in making use of the said New Standards.

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