Community Partnerships

NACA has strong bonds with various persons and a diversity of community organizations. These persons and organizations assist NACA in a broad array of ways.

Private citizens, national-state-and-city political leaders, business persons, and others have shown and continue showing their support to ensure NACA's strength and viability. Indeed, NACA depends on its various partners to demonstrate, enhance, and embody NACA's commitment to freedom and democracy (in NACA's curriculum and operations).

Associated Black Charities assists in training NACA's Board of Directors (BOD) and identifying funding sources. Morgan State University (MSU) assists with institution evaluation/ accountability; resource development; ongoing faculty development; and the development of assessments and standards. MSU also allows NACA access to MSU's facilities to aid with hands-on performing and visual arts training; and MSU assists NACA in the provision of mentoring and tutoring services for NACA's pupils. The Family Tree provides staff and parent education and enrichment, in addition to child abuse prevention classes. Sankofa Dance and Drum Theater offers on-site dance and drumming classes.

The Boy Scouts of America assists in providing afterschool activities. The Enoch Pratt Library/Northwood Branch, located across the street from the school, serves as a primary resource for literature and technology, books, periodicals, and journals. The Library also provides literacy and educational enrichment programs for NACA's students, parents and families. These include learning together activities that promote both youth and adult reading and lifelong learning skills. It also important to note that both Northwood-Appold United Methodist Church (founded in the 1830s) and the Northwood-Appold Nursery School (founded in the 1950s) are strong supporters of NACA.

Additionally, NACA board members constantly nurture present (and cultivate new) relationships with organizations and persons -- including Legg Mason officials; professors and administrators at Johns Hopkins University; Loyola College; Dr. Ben Carson; Baltimore's NECO (Northeast Community Organization); Chicago's Young People's Project -- a satellite spinoff of the Algebra Project; the Children's Defense Fund in Washington; and others -- to determine mutually beneficial configurations. NACA also networks with other charter school advocates.

These present and emerging partnerships help ensure NACA's students demonstrate high academic achievement (prepared to make a living); advanced character development (equipped to make a life); and the ability to participate peacefully and constructively in freedom and democracy; and these partnerships indicate NACA will be a leading, viable institution far into the future.

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