Founding Group

NACA's founders range from residents living and participating meaningfully in the community and city for over sixty years, to recent residents actively and substantively engaged in the community and city. This means that relative to the local community, our founders possess ties that are exceedingly strong and knowledge that runs very deep. Indeed, considering the breadth, depth, experience, qualifications, and relevant affiliations of the founders, it is clear NACA has an exemplary collective marked by maturity and great wisdom; excitement, creativity, and energy; and the ability to soar.

Cecil Conteen Gray, Ph.D., President, Lead Program Facilitator, is Pastor, Northwood-Appold United Methodist Church; grew up inside a historic, extremely engaged, family of the 1960s Freedom and Democracy Movement in the U.S., has an extensive background in program management; multi-sector consultation and collaboration, higher education, international education, and multicultural pedagogy.

Sonya Hunt Gray, Vice President, is Senior Public Health Analyst for the HIV/AIDS Bureau, Health Resources Services Administration, United States Department of Health and Human Services where she is responsible for managing and monitoring programmatic performance for federally funded grants; has strong background in program facilitation, standards-setting, curriculum assessment design, federal government policy analysis and creation, financial and grants management, and health education.

Robin L. Thompson, Jr., CPA, Treasurer, is a Senior Accountant with The Shelter Group; has a proficiency in financial management, reporting internal control design, forecasting and budgeting.

Jean Mitchell, Secretary, is a veteran Master Administrator and a Baltimore resident for more than twenty years.

Gloria Billups., Director of Accountability, is a Senior Office Manager at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore MD.

Co-Directors of Facilities: Jack Brown is a retired Marine, Electrical Engineer, Police Officer, Head of Security for Johns Hopkins University, and Homicide Detective; also a Senior Church Officer at Northwood-Appold United Methodist Church and Paul Ford is a Senior Architect, State of Maryland, and lifelong city resident of Baltimore City .

Co-Directors of Resource Development: Nii Sowah is an independent entrepreneur and served formerly as Assistant Commissioner, Community Services, Department of Housing and Community Development, Baltimore City and Veris Lee is a successful entrepreneur and retired educator.

Stephanie Scharpf, MBA, Co-President of the Parent Involvement Committee, Director of Regulatory Compliance and Administration for Jai Medical Systems, a Medicaid health insurance company; has strong background in business administration, management, marketing, research, organizational skills.

Janice Rose Stewart, Co-President of the Parent Involvement Committee, is an Advertising Executive with the Washington Post , has proficiency in advertising, marketing, management, and consulting for nineteen (19) years.

Brenda McLaughlin, Co-President of the Parent Involvement Committee, is a Senior Education Project Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University, Sar Levitan Center, Baltimore, MD; manages activities on all grants received, including coordination with consultants, subcontractors and funding agencies, and all required reporting and deliverables.

Johanne White, Co-President of the Parent Involvement Committee, is a Licensed Social Worker, Community Activist/Transformationist, Mother of two boys, and a lifelong resident of Baltimore City.

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