The Northwood-Appold Community Academy (NACA) is committed to "preparing students to make a living and a life," so that they "navigate the life journey effectively and with integrity."(TM) NACA's mission is to cultivate -- with regularity and predictability -- young people who are proficient relative to academic achievement and intellectual skills; and who are advanced, constructive, and healthy relative to character development.

Our consistent intent and commitment is to set afoot young people who are prepared to excel at any public or private school they choose to attend following graduation from NACA, and who, ultimately, become leaders in society.

Our rigorous, innovative, unique, "Freedom and Democracy (F&D) Curriculum"(TM) (Copyright © 2005-2008 Cecil Conteen Gray, Virginia Richardson, Geneva Ferguson, Carolyn Smith, et al) is a pivotal part of NACA. It involves active, interlocking partnerships between parents, students, teachers, administrators, civic structures, social leaders, business leaders, and political leaders. Our constant guiding goal involves launching into the world young people who are equipped to make a living; empowered to make a life; and positioned to participate fully in freedom and democracy.


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