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Appold Community Academy
Public Charter School to Hold Open House Events!!

(BALTIMORE - April 13) - The Northwood-Appold Community Academy (NACA) Public Charter School, A SCHOOL WHICH IS FREE AND TO EVERY CHILD IN THE CITY OF BALTIMORE, is hosting two OPEN HOUSE Events to discuss NACA's opening and to promote student enrollment. Both Open House events will be held at the school location at 4417 Loch Raven Blvd. The first Open House is scheduled for April 24 from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. The second Open House event is scheduled for May 1 from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Information to be shared at both events will include how to register your child, how to apply for a job with NACA, how to make the school successful and a lot of other information!!!

NACA will open 29 August 2005 for grades K-2 (every year one grade will be added until NACA serves grades K-8).

The Northwood-Appold Community Academy (NACA) is a public charter school committed to "preparing students to make a life and a living,"[1] so that they "navigate the life journey effectively and with integrity."[2]

More specifically, NACA's mission is to cultivate -- with regularity and predictability -- young people who are proficient relative to academic achievement and intellectual skills; and who are advanced, constructive, and healthy relative to character development.

Our consistent intent and commitment is to set afoot young people who are prepared to excel at any public or private school they choose to attend following graduation from The NACA; and who, ultimately, become leaders in society. Our rigorous, innovative, unique, "Freedom and Democracy (F&D) Curriculum"[3] is a pivotal part of NACA. It involves active, interlocking partnerships between parents, students, teachers, administrators, civic structures, social leaders, business leaders, and political leaders. Our constant guiding goal involves launching into the world young people who are empowered to make a life; equipped to make a living; and positioned to participate fully in freedom and democracy.


A. NACA is free and open to all students of Baltimore City.

B. NACA will be located at 4417 Loch Raven Boulevard. Temporarily, for additional information, please phone 410.323.6712.

C. NACA will open and the first students will begin attending September 2005. In NACA's first academic year, 2005-2006, classes will be offered for students in grades K-2. (There will be two classes at each grade level.) Each year, NACA will add one grade, until NACA offers classes for students in grades K-8.

D. Each class will have one teacher and one teacher's assistant., and each class will have a maximum of 15 students.

E. Affirmation of each students' cultural background(s).

F. Intentional teaching and modeling of creative, nonviolent approaches to conflict- resolution; and intentional teaching and modeling of peaceful, humane values.

G. Engaging, stimulating extracurricular opportunities available year-round.

NACA's educational foundation rests on the following tenets:

*Every child can learn and reach high levels of academic achievement (can be equipped to make a good living), when she/he has consistent support and high expectations from parents/guardians and other sectors, and when they have masterful, loving, always-learning, creative teachers.

*Every child can realize continuous progress in her/his character development (can be cultivated to make a constructive life), when she/he has character principles taught, discussed, and modeled, frequently and consistently, by parents, teachers, and other adult authority/leader figures.

*Every child can learn, internalize, contribute constructively to, and participate peacefully and meaningfully in freedom and democracy, when they are introduced to the lives and contributions of authentic exemplars of freedom and democracy, especially those of The 1960s Freedom Movement.

*Families, teachers, administrators, staff, and community leaders, and peers are essential parts of students' success; and they help ensure the students' success when they are informed about and supportive of the school and the school's curriculum, vision, and policies.

*All of us grow as we embrace authentic multiculturalism.

*Literacy in Math and Science is essential for participation in present and emerging society.

NACA's founding group consists of local residents from a number of neighborhoods near the intersection of Loch Raven Boulevard and E. Cold Spring Lane. The group's collective qualifications are proficient for founding a high quality charter school in Baltimore and taking stewardship of public funds. Our founders range from residents living and participating meaningfully in the community and city for over sixty years, to recent residents actively and substantively engaged in the community and city. This means that relative to the local community, our founders possess ties that are exceedingly strong and knowledge that runs very deep. Indeed, considering the breadth, depth, experience, qualifications, and relevant affiliations of the founders, it is clear NACA has an exemplary collective marked by maturity and great wisdom; excitement, creativity, and energy; and the ability to soar.

History shows that high/superior academic achievement translates into financial success; and financial success translates into the freedom to enjoy life and help others; and (b)advanced character development translates into a healthy ego, emotional balance, interior fortitude, and a caring disposition; and those characteristics translate into the ability to participate peacefully and constructively in our democratic process/democracy. All of this is what we want for our children - and for all children: the preparation that translates into our children being people who make a life and a living, enjoying and contributing constructively and peacefully to freedom and democracy.

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