Research and Evaluation

At NACA, research and evaluation are ongoing. ( NOTE: Also See "Student Progress" section of the NACA website.)

While NACA refines and expands its curriculum and program and performs internal/self evaluation, NACA is also evaluated periodically by outside evaluators. The areas evaluated include school climate, level of program implementation, and students' self-concept(s), behavior, social competence, and of course, achievement.

As a school committed to the Comer Process, NACA is pleased that after only one year in existence NACA is enjoying excellent results in school climate, student attendance, and student achievement. NACA's great effectiveness/success arises from the great support given by parent and community supporters, the school climate characterized by peacefulness-high expectations-and-excellence, the exemplary collaboration demonstrated by faculty and staff members, and the "priority one" focus on the child/children as the center of the education process.

In February 2006, NACA was cited by BCPSS as one of the twenty schools in Baltimore City with the best attendance. It is also most noteworthy that NACA found it necessary to suspend only two students (for only one-half day each) during the entire 2005-2006 school year! At NACA, each student's self-concept is affirmed and reinforced continually, daily; that practice leads to greater levels of general competence, higher levels of academic achievement, and healthier levels of social development/social engagement.

At NACA, the School Director/Principal, all faculty, all staff, all students, and the NACA Academic program are evaluated (at least) annually, and the results are on file. Of course, some documents are public, others must be kept confidential.

(NOTE: Also See "Student Progress" section of the NACA website.)



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