Special Student Populations

NACA provides educational services to all students, including those who learn at an accelerated pace, at an average pace, at a less accelerated pace, and those who learn differently from most.

NACA recognizes that every child/student is gifted, and the best educators (help parent and child/student) discover and build on the differing gifts of each child/student. who demonstrate varying degrees of exceptionality frequently possess a substantial amount of hidden potential. When hidden potential of any sort is not apparent because current levels of academic functioning have not been accurately assessed, it is necessary that an accurate assessment be had; because potential should not be allowed to remain hidden, it should be identified, brought out, nurtured, and cultivated.

Students with special needs and/or students who enter the school below grade level are assessed and engaged to excel. NACA complies with and exceeds MVSC standards, and related state and federal laws. Once a student's performance status is assessed, measured, and known, NACA's specialized faculty and regular faculty, the student's parents, and BCPSS officials design together strategies, tactics, and approaches that work to elevate the student's performance while keeping her/him in classes with her/his peers. No student is placed in stigmatized, disempowering configurations. NACA honors all people and provides support; so that everyone enjoys, learns, teaches, and grows in an environment of Freedom and Democracy.

NACA - with the assistance of BCPSS and BCPSS' team - works vigorously and diligently to help your child (and you) realize your child's full potential.

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