Measuring Student Progress

NACA's measurement of Student Progress is necessarily ongoing. (NOTE: Also See "Research and Evaluation" section of the NACA website.)

NACA's accountability approach is aligned with all MSDE standards for determining, measuring and reporting student progress. NACA participates in all mandatory assessment and testing requirements applicable to all Maryland public schools. NACA also ultilizes additional tools -- multiple measures and tools - to determine and report student progress/outcomes.

The said additional measures used to establish and monitor student academic and non-academic progress above and beyond Maryland testing requirements are continually being developed by NACA faculty, Morgan State University (MSU) professors, and other members of the NACA Team.

"New Standards" materials are also used in measuring performance in Language Arts/English, Arithmetic/Math, and Science subject areas. NACA is also uses ROPS (written pre-evaluation, periodic ongoing evaluation, and post evaluation; related listening evaluation; related verbal evaluations; and related behavioural evaluation) assessment and data collection tools -- particularly in the area of Character Development.

NACA's assessment approach is thorough, clear, measurable, externally credible, and conceptually sound relative to measuring and reporting the performance and progress of (a)the academic, social, and individual development of NACA's students; and (b)NACA as an institution.

Collected data is analyzed and utilized in developing NACA's school improvement plan; and the data also contributes to designing and implementing individual student interventions. Of course, assessment information is used to help continuously improve instruction, student learning, and individual development. Also, as indicated in various other places in this document, NACA engages and will engage students who are working at levels and paces above, as well as those working below, NACA's performance standards.

MSU also assist NACA with institutional evaluation. That is, MSU provides technical assistance and an objective perspective relative to assessing, measuring, and determining NACA's performance as an educational institution. Annually, strengths, improvements needed, operational efficiency, client/parent satisfaction, and other aspects of NACA's institutional life are examined, measured, and reported. NACA utilizes the said process and final reports to continually make adjustments and improvements in NACA's educational services.

( NOTE: Also See "Research and Evaluation" section of the NACA website.)


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